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Guidance for adults to connect with children about diversity and inclusion.

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We Believe in The Brilliance of  Humanity

At Candidly Connecting we create a safe place for candid conversations and storytelling that resonate with children and play a role in building inclusive communities.



Why You Will Love Our Community


Monthly topics from storytellers and thought- leaders


Kids learn to identify and embrace Identity differences in others


Feel confident in dialogue with children about diversity and inclusion


Children imprint and grow inclusion in their communities


Both kids and adults connect with communities outside their inner-circle


Children learn to appreciate differences in humans, cultures and communities

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How It Works


Choose your plan and subscribe to monthly learning and the Candidly Connecting Community.

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3 monthly topics from storytellers and thought- leaders, with complimentary activities and learning modules.

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Adults apply learning to have Candid conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion with children.

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Meet our Founders


Khalilah and Veronica

Two women committed to building diverse and inclusive communities through the power and light of children.  Children are the future and raising them to be inclusive is an essential part of raising them to be dynamic world citizens.


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A Community That Cares

We  create tools for children, and their essential adults, to have brave conversations, and take bold actions that impact cultures and communities. Our coaching conversations are relevant, resonating, and “ready to work” for parents and children to create diversity and inclusion in their daily spaces.

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 Explore our tools, resources, and learn to have real dialogue about appreciating differences and mitigating inequities. Let's evolve our communities and change the world through the future generation together!

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