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Guidance for adults to connect with children about diversity and inclusion.

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We Believe in The Brilliance of  Humanity

At Candidly Connecting we create a safe place for candid conversations and storytelling that resonate with children and play a role in building inclusive communities.



Why You Will Love Our Community


Monthly topics from storytellersĀ and thought-leaders


Kids learn to identify and embrace Identity differences in others


Feel confident in dialogue with children about diversity and inclusion


Children imprint and grow inclusion in their communities


Both kids and adults connect with communities outside their inner-circle


Children learn to appreciate differences in humans, cultures and communities

TrackingĀ Our Impact

We've connected with 5,000 essential adults
through workshops and engagements.

At Candidly Connecting, our mission is to create a positive impact on the lives of essential adults. We believe in the transformative power of candid conversations and connections.

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Who Is In The Community






Essential Adults

Meet our Founders


Khalilah and Veronica

Two women committed to building diverse and inclusive communities through the power and light of children.  Children are the future and raising them to be inclusive is an essential part of raising them to be dynamic world citizens.


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A Community That Cares

We  create tools for children, and their essential adults, to have brave conversations, and take bold actions that impact cultures and communities. Our coaching conversations are relevant, resonating, and “ready to work” for parents and children to create diversity and inclusion in their daily spaces.

Our Partners

What Our Clients Are Saying


Working with Candidly Connecting is a dream. Khalilah and Veronica took the time to understand the needs of your team and provided an event that fits your schedule and budget. The team blends talking points so participants not only learn new information but can immediately apply it.

~Parent, Working Parents Business Resource Group


Candidly Connecting doesn’t shy away from any topics and will answer questions from the participants in a genuine and kind way. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Candidly Connecting and hope to continue to do so in the future.


~Grant Thornton, Working Parents Business Resource Group


Khalilah and Veronica were easy to work with and tailored the event to work with our needs, timeline, and budget. The event received extremely positive feedback and our working parents felt even more empowered to bring diversity awareness into their homes more easily.

~Grant Thornton, Working Parents Business Resource Group 

Calling All Parents, Educators & Essential Adults…

Kickstart Inclusion Right On The Playground 

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