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Podcast Episode #1: Scanning for Triggers

Podcast Episode #1: Scanning for Triggers

belonging candid dialogue candidly connect candidly sharing diversity essential adults foster inclusion inclusion at the playground nurturing parents Sep 17, 2021


“Do you often think about where you’ll park when going out? Scan for nearby triggers?” Identity illustrator, Joy Canonigo, goes in-depth on what it’s like to have a neurodiverse child and the importance of creating new narratives when faced with societal norms. In this episode, you can expect to: 

  • Become knowledgeable about how to interact with and include children who are neurodiverse. 
  • Recognize barriers for communication to shift perspective in recognizing those living with disabilities and creating more inclusive communities.   
  • Acknowledge responsibility in actions and the importance of safety for neurodiverse children. 

Listen with us and click below to see additional resources including our monthly candid conversations guidebook. Happy connecting! 

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